Nancy Wang - Piano

Nancy began playing piano at an early age when she had a deep interest in music. She has participated in many music activities throughout her career such as chorus competitions, and Chopin Nocturne Competition, where she won the second place prize. Nancy studied at Cal State East Bay with a major in Piano. She has an in-depth study of piano skills, piano emotions, and also music theory.  During her free time, she accompanies many other artists and practices piano regularly. She enjoys teaching children and has a lot of enthusiasm and patience when teaching piano.  Nancy believes music is a learning skill and hopes to cultivate children's appreciation for music. 


Quality Music Instruction for children & Adults

Nikki Bostwick -Piano & Violin

Nikki Bostwick was born in Toronto, Canada, where she studied violin and piano from an early age. After completing her undergraduate studies (in performance violin/viola) she moved to England, where she taught violin and piano, performed in orchestras and small ensembles, and completed a master's degree at Oxford University (in music). After 5 years in the UK, the lack of sunlight prompted her to move to California, where she spent 4 years working toward a PhD at Stanford University. She now teaches private music lessons to kids and adults of all ages. Most of Nikki's students are able to progress at a remarkable rate (while enjoying lessons), which she attributes to her decades of international performing/teaching experience and the resulting progressive teaching methodology she has developed for her students.