Quality Music Instruction for children & Adults

Emile Janse - Piano, guitar, flute, ukelele, drums

Emile Janse is a classical instrumentalist who grew up playing classical piano, and later guitar, from a young age. At the end of high school he took up playing the flute and became very enchanted by its soothing tones. Emile has continued to play and teach piano and guitar while also deeply exploring and performing with the Australian didgeridoo, steel pans, world flutes, drums, and multi-pitch "overtone" singing practiced by the Tibetans and Mongolians. Emile loves to teach music in a very efficient way - giving students a mastery of technique that creates a foundation for a wide range of musical styles.

Now, Emile performs and hosts workshops around the bay area and California - often focused around teaching groups how to use their voice in an expanded way. He also frequently plays "sound baths" - a type of group meditation where Emile plays a variety of instruments.

Herman Ebertizsch - Piano

Herman has earned a reputation of one of the Bay Area's premiere keyboardist. He is a writer, performer, piano teacher and an entertainer. He has written many songs in an array of styles that were picked up by acclaimed artists, including Greg Errico of Sly and the Family Stone, Lee Osker from the group War, members of the band Malo, blues artist Little Milton, and the Sy Klopps band under manager Herbie Herbert.  Herman began performing as a teenager in genres including classical, popular, standards, Rock, Blues, and R&B. He has taught music theory and performance at City College & State University of San Francisco and as well many private and group students.

Aziz Yehia - Drums, Guitar, & Piano

Aziz Yehia is first and foremost a drummer and percussionist, extending onto guitar, mandolin, bass and piano. His engaging pedagogical style was significantly shaped by his experience studying musical community building in Rio de Janeiro—with a focus on the Brazilian “choro" genre—while completing his BA in Anthropology and History at UC Berkeley. As a teacher, Aziz holds a balance between technique/reading/theory and other modes of learning that are more intuitive, social and experiential. Students of any instrument can expect their studies integrated with games and puzzles that involve body movement, imaginative "theater," and vocalization of both pitch and rhythm. Aziz has history working with children and teens as a music teacher, creative writing mentor and soccer coach (ages U8 through high school). Currently, Aziz plays drum set and percussion with a handful of projects in the East Bay—ranging across jazz, rock and world fusion genres. 

Terrell Liedstrand - Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, & Piano

Terrell Liedstrand began playing music at an early age. His parents are professional musicians, and while growing up immersed in the fun of a musical household he learned several stringed instruments. During middle school and high school Terrell played violin in the orchestras, guitar in jazz bands and sang in choral ensembles. He then went on to study music at Diablo Valley College and in the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific where he began, but has yet to finished, a Master Degree in Music Therapy.  Here he studied many aspects of music including theory, history, classical guitar, piano, singing, and the therapeutic use of music in educational, clinical  and community settings.  Terrell performs music regularly as a solo artist and in various music groups with friends and professionals.  He currently teaches guitar, violin, piano, ukulele and mandolin lessons. 

Kathryn Gärlick - Piano & Voice

SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like your child trained and tested for level placement and certifications, Kathryn can, and has, successfully prepared students for ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (www.rcmusic.com) exams. This certification program is competitive, and if completed, each student will receive an associates degree in piano performance.  

Kathryn Gärlick is a classically trained pianist, from Oakland, who finds joy sharing her passion for music with others; but most especially kids. Kathryn started piano when she was seven and continued with private lessons through to college, where she graduated with a BA in Kinesiology and a minor in music. She has attended La Honda music camp, played cello for the Berkeley Youth Orchestra, has completed Music Together teacher certification, and continues to serve in her church community as a pianist/worship leader. For the past few years, Kathryn has been a nanny for many Bay Area families. She now hopes to combine her love for kids, healthy movement, and music while teaching at Music 'N Beyond. Kathryn wants nothing more than to create a fun, safe, and healthy environment where your children can express themselves through all genres of music. 

Victoria Taylor - Voice, Piano, & Acting

Victoria loves to teach and enjoys helping young people explore their passion in Creative Arts. She began taking classical piano lessons at age 10 and also performed as a vocalist at her home church & school making her solo debut at age 8 on a local radio station. She has performed & taught a variety of workshops to youth for the last  two decades.

Currently, Victoria has created & taught voice & studio ccting for youth through Community Arts (City of Walnut Creek). She simultaneously teaches private piano & voice lessons. Victoria's passion for singing has earned her ASCAP status, when her original song was broadcast on radio stations Worldwide (2005-2016). She has performed in varied Musical Theater productions all over the U.S., writing her own music which has been sung in churches and on radio stations. She has also appeared on numerous TV shows such as Greys Anatomy, House, ER & Ally McBeal and has been featured in a few local and Regional Commercials.

After earning a “Teacher of Excellence” Award from CMS in 2007, she continues to pursue her passion in the Arts and most recently relocated back to the Bay Area. Victoria is happy to be back and says it’s true, there is “no place like home”.

Harrison Murphy - Piano, Drums, Guitar, & Ukulele

Harrison "Harry" Murphy offers an engaging and well versed approach to his students. With both an associate degree and immense passion for music, Harrison curates a unique lesson plan for each student, designed specifically to accomplish that student's goals. An avid composer, improviser, performer & recording artist, Harry offers an in depth insight into the vast world of music. With specialized instruction in drums, percussion, piano, guitar, voice & theory, Harrison strives to instill a deep and profound connection with his students and their musical self.